High school dropout, first witness to gang-culture, and a Latino-American  scrutinized for refusing to conform to the “defined” classes of culture, race, and socio-political expectations- meet the Man and the Machine behind Long Beach’s creative empire RMD and Garage, Ralph Holguin.

Most recognized for his successful TV show on Discovery Network’s Velocity Channel, “RMD Garage,” Ralph Holguin managed to take a personal passion project out of his affinity for American Classics and immediately was recognized for his unique customization & modernization in vintage vehicles. Noteworthy as art, or cinema-worthy statues of Americana, power & beauty, Ralph is a catalyst in the automotive industry for his success, Latino-American background, and even multifaceted wardrobe of Gucci, Supreme and Nike. What people don’t know is that Ralph is not a builder; he is an artist and creative visionary who restores core builds in classic cars, culture and most importantly — core values of the American Dream 4 — then, modernizes it.

Built by creativity, cars and culture – Ralph Holguin embodies a custom classic icon and moves to evolve the defined wires of narrow perception and discrimination through his unique brand strategy, humble approach, and multi-faceted network in various industries.